Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The book, paperback, aims to provide top management team, board, officer, auditor, accountant and relevant shareholders in both public and private companies, profit and non-profit firms, academic, social firms and businesses with updated knowledge of corporate governance system after financial crisis. With limited and solid contents and three sessions, it also tries to support academic people, professors and university students and staff from low to intermediate levels with around-the-world corporate governance systems and practical matters through cases studies and comparative analysis. The book uses few contents of same author’s paper “A Set of Asian Pacific Corporate Governance Standards After Financial Crisis” which has been accepted for publication in EJEFAS (Eurojournals) and accepted for the 36th Economic and Historical Business Society Conference, Ohio, USA and posted at Corporate Finance: Governance, Corporate Control & Organization eJournal, 2011. Do not hesitate to email me : huy05handsome@yahoo.com

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